The Ideal Home Show at The EventCity, Manchester

The Ideal Home Show at The EventCity, Manchester

The Ideal Home Show is now back at the EventCity, Manchester scheduling on 4th to 7th June, for four days long which is filled with hundreds of innovative ideas for the Home and all the very exclusive brands (and a few of the more idiosyncratic!) and the inherent help and advice from the top reputable experts in the industry.

If you are just looking to add an exclusive finishing touch of class, or need to embark on the extensive remodelling project, then the Ideal Home Show at EventCity will offer you the ultimate imagination, the high-end products and the services you require for sure.

The expert includes the famous names like George Clarke (The Home Show, The Restoration Man, and Amazing Spaces), Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (Changing Rooms, House Gift), Diarmuid Gavin (Gardeners’ World, Home Front), Greg Wallace (to quote Greg ‘just the fat, bald bloke on Masterchef who likes pudding), Amanda Lamb (A Place in the Sun, Market Kitchen) and Martin Lewis; who will help you find as well as get the best selection.

If you need an addition to the mix of this great exhibition, the fully built exclusive Home Show, the Food & Drink Theatre (which is manned by the top Chefs), the high-end Restaurant and enjoyable Champagne Bar. With over three hundred exhibitors among all the seven dedicated Show areas, there is something for everybody that the show has to offer.

The exclusive Ideal Home Show will offer you the desirables that you won’t find in any of the most comon shopping outlets, Fashion & Beauty, Home Technology, Gardening, Interiors, Home Improvements, Food and Housewares, everything will be covered for sure!

Are you excited to watch out the Ideal Home Show? Or want to enjoy most out of it? If yes, then make the reservation of this show today!