Voices of Kosovo in Manchester

Voices of  Kosovo in Manchester

From the Moss Side music sights to the exclsuive maternal health, Salford street signs, the community exhibitions of People’s History Museym have included a wide variety of themes, objects and people.

Community Exhibitions

The Engine Hall at the People’s History Museum is a wide open space of 2500m2, which is dedicated to the community exhibitions. It will available at free of charge for short-term finest quality exhibitions. As well as the space this place even provides an incredible range of support including, the curatorial advice, marketing assistance, technical assistance and a variety of display boards, stands and cases on the display.

Anyone can here apply to exhibit in this space; no matter whether you are an individual, a group of people or an organisation. However, there are certain necessary conditions that you should look for while assessing applications.

Listen to the personal stories of a community who have been fleeing from the ethnic cleansing, their arrival at the UK, and the impact it had on both the people of Manchester and those who have reached here as refugees.

A Manchester Aid to Kosovo (MaK) project, exhibition is being curated by James Walmsley; which is suitable option for adults and young people

The Community Gallery space is the location, where the local groups can able to display their own work. They will try out to make these displays relevant to the story told in the museum wherever as possible. Find out more if you are more interested in exhibition.

Event Details Regarding Voices of Kosovo in Manchester:

Timing Of The Event: Saturday 25 April – Sun 19 July

The Venue Of This Show: People’s History Museum

Duration: 7 hours

Cost: The exhibitions programme are quite affordable to everyone, so make a reservation today and enjoy the event to the fullest in Manchester.

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