Top Three Manchester’s Meat Eaters Restaurants

Top Three Manchester’s Meat Eaters Restaurants

For the last few years, meat has been on the top choice of carnivorous delights in Britain. People in Britain have lived through bacon on everything, endless burger joints outlets, lip smacking dirty dogs at street food stalls, fried chicken mania and BBQ. Most of these eating joints have clogged the city. By the year 2015, pork has been completely pulled. However meat eters are still craving for more. Therefore, if you are in Manchester and heading towards the restaurant and looking for some of the delicious meat dishes then read the information given below. Here, we bring to you the best restaurants serving to the tangling buds of carnivorous delights.

Almost Famous

It is home to some of the most delicious burgers. As a matter of fact, it has taken leap with its second location being opened in Great Northern. However, it all began in the Northern Quarter. While eye-rolling laddish branding is not the reason for their fame, OTT burgers are the real fun among meat eaters. No previous booking have to be made.


Burgers are all time hit amongst food buffs. Dirty burger dens are ten a penny in the present times. Thus, Byron is the place to be for classy and delicious burgers. It is one of the most famous places where you can enjoy some of the best burgers in the city. The menu is simple yet classy with focus on high quality burgers as well as sides. The icing on cake is the grunge-chic diner ambiance which is as good as the food served.

Cane and Grain

Located in Northern Quarter, it brings to you a simple menu of American comfort food sides as well as ribs which are accessorised with bourboun-based cocktails and rum. Here, you can enjoy fun night with three diverse bar environments – taproom, secret speakeasy and tiki lounge.

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