Top 4 Kinds of Clubs in Manchester

Top 4 Kinds of Clubs in Manchester

Besides being a major sport destination, Manchester attracts huge numbers of visitors who want to explore its history, culture, attractions and, of course, astounding nightlife. The city always holds a prominent place in the United Kingdom for its charming squares, amazing shopping complexes and restaurants. No matter how stressful and tired you are, the city has numerous massage parlours to give you a refreshing body massage. However, this particular Manchester tour will take you to its prominent clubs that you have been looking for days. Clubs in Manchester are categorised in four kinds. They are:

Music Clubs:

There is hardly any club that is deprived of music. For many, music is a way of life. And most Manchester clubs are fitted with the best bands – local as well as international – where music stars deliver spellbinding performances. The city has produced many talents and legends over the years. The Night and Day cafe is a prominent club serving delicious food during the day. It is located on Oldham Street and features rock artists at night. There is another popular club – Band on the Wall. With an overwhelming capacity of 300, the club enthrals people with rock, jazz and world artists.

Dance Clubs:

You love dancing, don’t you? If yes, Manchester is certainly the place doubtlessly. Tiger Lounge attracts all dance lovers who enjoy some stunning dance moves while completely engrossed with foods and drinks. Its DJ is awesome and plays everything from obscure French pop songs to Motown. Coming over here will give you an opportunity to witness live bands.

Traditional Pubs:

If you happen to be close to MEN area, Chinatown and the theatre district, the Old Nag’s Head demands a visit from you. Located within walking distance from these destinations, the Old Nag’s Head is one of the most traditional clubs in Manchester. It is nestled at the heart of the city and is considered as the oldest conventional pubs in the city. Other attractions of this pub are excellent food, pool room, video jukebox, beer garden and live music.

Gay Clubs:

Over the years, the city of Manchester has become the hub of lesbians and gays; hence, the rise of gay and lesbians. Many bars for gays have set up over the years. One of the most sought after destinations for gay bars is near Canal Street in the Gay Village neighbourhood. Vanilla is a well-known club for lesbians.

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