Top 3 Enjoyable Football Stadiums in London

Top 3 Enjoyable Football Stadiums in London

Being the capital city of England, it’s no surprising fact to know that London has the excellence of football culture. Well, it’s completely impossible to walk a feet in London without meeting anyone wearing a football t-shirt or talking about this beautiful game. There are wide arrays of sports stadiums; wherever you go you will surely notice something football related stuffs. If you are a football fan, then you must need a place to cheer for your favorite football clubs. Well, you will need to go with your friends to the football stadiums in Manchester to enjoy the game to the fullest. However, there are a huge selection of football stadiums for the excited football fans in London. Among all,we have discussed only 3 football stadiums to let you enjoy each and every bit of your leisure time.

Stamford Bridge

The Stamford Bridge is a home ground for the Chelses football Club and one of the famous stadiums throughout Manchester. Chelses have had the great success in the past; but they had not made it to the top. With the football legends like Osgood and Zola, this stadium has the sad realisation of unfulfilled dreams. But Chelsea has managed to be one of the main powers in both Europe and the Premier League.

The Emirates

The Emirate is the home for the second biggest club throughout London, Arsenal. The Emirates is the brighter, modern space with high potential. Even, it has the nick name of ‘ ‘the library’ due to the lack of atmosphere on the match days. Ultimately, Emirates has a football atmosphere; that’s the main reason why we have included in our list of best stadiums.

Craven Cottage

Craven Cottage in London will be one of the quietest stadium for the years to come. It’s due to fact that, it’s a stadium where the crowd get behind the team; but they don’t have such fanaticism than other. This can be the best option for the neutrals who often choose it as the favourite stadium to watch the game. Have a look at these stadiums and know the important facts.
Want to kill your leisure ime? If yes, visit our list of famous stadiums in London to enjoy a fun-filled and exciting time with other football loving enthusiasts. If you want to add more, then leave your comments below!