Top 3 Amazing London Cricket Grounds To Visit In Your Leisure Time

Top 3 Amazing London Cricket Grounds To Visit In Your Leisure Time

London is an ancestral home for the game of cricket and even, England has always been the premier sources in this sport. No matter what the team’s strength and the team’s success, London has always core support for this game. In simple words, Cricket is one of the essential parts in the DNA of England. England without cricket is nothing like India without spice, Spain without peppers and china without silk. So we are now coming up with a list of top 3 cricket grounds in London.


If the Oval ground is the Old Trafford of Cricket; then Lord’s is the Wembley of Cricket. This is a historic and prestigious cricket ground throughout world. Worldwide players have an ultimate dream of playing on the hallowed soil of this ground one day and the reputation of this ground has made this place a must-visit cricket ground for the sports loving people. Lord’s cricket ground is situated at St John’s Wood Rd, London.

The Oval

This is an obvious destination for visiting during the leisure time. It’s one of the most famous grounds around the world and a sure thing for the top 2 of any list of best cricket ground in London. But arguably, it has all the best offerings which has made it one of the best grounds in the countries. Easy transport services, great seating facilities, amazing atmosphere for cricket; what more you want than these! The Oval is located at Kia Oval, Kennington, London.

Leyton County Cricket Ground

Leyton is well-known for being the best place in the East End ait has cool hip sterish activities or affordable prices that you won’t find anywhere. It seems like this is an only place to accommodate a mediocre football club. However, it is the peaceful and multicultural ground with the best sense of community. Well, the local cricket ground is far away from the state of the art; but it has a soul. Leyton County Cricket Ground is based in Crawley RD, London.

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