Best Manchester Restaurants With Gluten-Free Recipes

Best Manchester Restaurants With Gluten-Free Recipes

A gluten-free recipe is a diet which doesn’t include protein gluten. Well, gluten is the main ingredient of wheat, barley, rye and many more cereals. The main reason behind choosing gluten-free diet is to treat the celiac disease. If you are an individual with gluten related diseases, then it will be profitable for you to eat gluten-free recipes. So, here we have discussed top 5 restaurants offering gluten free recipes.


Carluccio’s is the luxurious restaurant in Manchester offering authentic gluten-free Italian food at extremely affordable price ranges. To get gives a wonderful as well as memorable experience, come and dining with us. It has a huge selection of gluten-free foods salads, pasta dishes, desserts, mains and antipasti options. Situated at the heart of Manchester, it offers a unique opportunity to enjoy substantial, delicious Italian dishes free from gluten. If you are a serious food lover, then don’t miss out the delicious foods on regular events celebrating the Italian taste.


If you want to taste the worldwide foods and fresh ideas, then come to Giraffe and experience the high level service in a vibrant atmosphere. The gluten-free diets are the main attractions of this restaurant. From the mouth watering breakfasts to exotic dishes including Tofu and Squash Laska and chicken, Spiced King Prawn and Mango Salad. Moreover, it’s the best ever destinations for family or friends get together.

Dough Pizza Kitchen

Dough Pizza Kitchen offers mouth watering dishes, unique selection of flavours and gluten-free options. They have a huge selection of hand crafted breads, antipasti, risottos by using fresh ingredients. This restaurant focuses on quality of taste; it’s impossible to leave this pizza kitchen by staying hungry, especially those people who exclude gluten from their dishes. It is an ideal choice for the intimate date and a feast with a group of family or friends.

Bistro 1847

Bistro 1847 is a modern, British, vegetarian and vegan cooking specialist. But the restaurant focuses on meat-free dishes driven by gluten-free diets. The unique feeling of dining in this restaurant is the discovery of healthy, raw and organic foods bring together in a creative, innovative way in order to give rise to the wonderful gastronomic delight for the special event.
Consider these gluten free restaurants in Manchester; even if you are the most adventurous foodie, the rest assured that you will able to enjoy the gluten-free dishes in a delightful way.