3 Most Popular Manchester Attractions for Kids

3 Most Popular Manchester Attractions for Kids

Packed work schedule barely leaves you with time to relax and rejuvenate, and spend with kids and family. If you think that daily routine has taken a toll on your health then all that you need is a break from your monotonous life. Pack your bags and explore Manchester, the city full of life and activities, with your kids. Given below are some of the most popular Manchester Attractions for Children.

Hyde Leisure Pool:

Some of the highlights of the pool are bubble pool, wave machine, geysers, water cannons and Red Ripster Aqua Slid along with other standard swimming amenities. What makes it preferable an option is a thermal suite for parent. At the side of the pool is a lazy river which is an open topped tunnel area of gushing water. This pool is simply the best option for those kids who prefer more exciting, varied and active swimming experience. Here, kids from all age groups, starting from 18 months to older are also available.

Bolton Museum Aquarium and Archive:

Since its establishment in the year 1941, it has been catching the fancy of visitors from all over the globe. It is one of its kinds museums in Greater Manchester, and a must visit for all. Kids can find a range of non-fiction and fiction books in the library section. There is also free access to the internet along with several online services. Museum section is home to some of the most fascinating and exciting objects from different parts of the world like South America and Japan.

The Pelican Centre:

Of all Manchester city attractions for kids, the Pelican Centre tops the list. Aqua aerobics as well as swim fit not only improves the fitness level but also makes for one of the best ways to introduce kids to the water.

Above slated are three famous Manchester city attractions for kids.

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