4 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Manchester

4 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Manchester

While most restaurants cater to the needs of the vegetarians, there are few completely meat-free and vegan restaurants in Manchester built with the sole purpose of quenching the thirst of those practising strict vegetarianism. As a matter of fact vegetarianism began in the western world in Salford, 1809, but quickly Manchester has come up on the charts to acquire the position of one of the leading cities in England to practice this habit of vegetarianism.

Look at the list of top 4 Manchester Restaurants serving some lip smacking veggie delicacies.


It is not unwise to start the list with the most award winning vegetarian restaurant in Manchester. Voted as the Times ‘Best Vegetarian Restaurant in the UK’, Chaophraya is a Thai Restaurant on the Chapel Walks in the City centre. This Manchester Restaurant claims of a menu that can give your taste buds the kick that will surely make your trip memorable. With a recent makeover of the interiors and the installation of a 10,000 euros jelly fish tank, this place becomes a must visit for the veggie hunters in the city.


This Malaysian restaurant by celebrity chef Norman Musa has a typically tropical ambience with a menu that will assure all you veg lovers a taste that you will relish all through your life. This Manchester Restaurant situated at 92-94 oldhom street Manchester focusses on South Asian Specialities.

Zouk Tea Bar and Grill:

This plush I million euros Indian Restaurant close to the palace Theatre boasts of an amazing menu that has a unique combination of Indian, Pakistani and North African cuisine. With plenty of options for vegetarians, this place at Chester Street, Manchester becomes a must visit for foodies on hunt.

World Peace Café:

Café at the VairochanaKadampa Buddhist centre offers soups, sandwiches, salads and hot meals. What makes this place stand out is their policy of MSG and Gluten free cooking technique. It’s another feather in the cap for this city restaurant.

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