3 Coffee Shops & Cafes in Manchester

3 Coffee Shops & Cafes in Manchester

Although café culture seems to be embedded in the psyche of Manchester city, it appears that tea and coffee are going through a real renaissance phase right now. Not only variety being dished out is amazing but also is the places where these tastes are being dished out – specifically given the fact that the leaf is as important as the bean in the present times. Restaurants in Manchester are taking both coffee and tea seriously, in fact bars too. With such an extensive selection comes along the difficulty in selecting the best coffee shops and cafes in Manchester. Read on to know about some of the best coffee shops in Manchester.


Just similar to the personal sampling room which Willy Wonka forgot to construct, chocolate haven Bonbon has quickly gain popularity in the Northern Quarter area of the city. It is a joint venture between Joey Collins of Troffel and Teacup, which is located just a few blocks away in the street. The entire place has a warm and welcoming boutique feel with curios paper bag lamps and dark wooden furniture. Here, guests are served with a heady blend of coffee, chocolates and luxury.


Although “Icelandic Coffee House” might have created a niche, but Takk (which stands for Thanks) has plenty of fun to offer. The inside of the place is characterised by graffiti-marked school desks, exposed brickwork and an extremely strong smell of coffee. Beans used for preparing coffee are sourced from different places, along with roasters.

North Tea Power:

Situated right in the thick of the creative boom of the Northern Quarter, North Tea Power offers a raucous with casual chic attitude to both drink and food. The place is simply the best to unwind and relax. The vast menu has serves an exotic range of tea and coffee.

Above slated are three of the most popular café and coffee shops located in Manchester City.

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