Tops Places to Eat Cheap in Manchester

Tops Places to Eat Cheap in Manchester

From wonderful breakfast restaurants to delectable late night eateries, eating out in Manchester does not have to be a less expensive affair. Though it is pretty good to spend money on something fascinating and delicious, yet there is nothing like getting a reasonable treat by feeding on tasty food that never costs so high. Except a few, not many of you are wealthy or rich. So, below is given a list of some of the cheap eateries in Manchester city. Your pocket won’t be hurt on your next dine out – it’s a guarantee.

Kabana in Northern Quarter

Kabana is a simple and cheap curry house situated in the Northern Quarter. Here you can have a euphoric experience with delicious curries. It has been operating very much like canteen style, and cooking the fresh recipes with a change in the seasons. Employed with workers from all around the city and all over the streets, the menu in Kabana offers rice, chapatis, tandoori chicken, kebab, and more delicious Indian recipes. The lamb chops can be dipped in a mint, chilli and yoghurt mix and tried for a spicy taste. Visit this place for getting curries at extremely affordable price.

Habesha Restaurant in Gay Village

Habesha restaurant and bar is a conventional Ethiopian restaurant which looks little rustic and less romantic in the entry. It looks like a small café with a big TV screen placed in the corner and serves traditional dishes, mostly Eritrean and Ethiopian classics without any faddy stuff. Habesha is never to miss a food spot where everything is served on a special kind of plate made of sour flatbread known as ‘injera’. From chicken, lamb and beef to vegetarian everything is made here with spicy and sour combinations in a variable range.  Spice, sourness and special mode of eating can give you an extraordinary and memorable dining experience in Habesha. Remember that it is inexpensive and offers great value. Be sure to travel to this place for affordable dining; try the Ethiopian liquor…..which is tangy and delicious in taste!!

Pancho’s Burritos

Pancho’s Burritos is a typical Mexican restaurant situated in the Arndale’s food market. This popular restaurant operates with two kitchen or counter facilities and allows customers to select from a brimful burritos and fajitas to enchiladas and many other Mexican delicacies, with vegan and vegetarian choice available for majority of dishes. You can even have access to a small collection of Mexican tequilas and beers that can go along with your lunch. A midday nap can be taken later for a few hours after coming from this restaurant. Would you like to try this one? If you dream cooking up a Mexican recipe at home, some of the difficult to find raw ingredients like cactus leaves, Achiote paste and dried chillis can also be found here on demand.