Top 4 Art Exhibitions in Manchester

Top 4 Art Exhibitions in Manchester

The shows, events and exhibitions that you would be mad to miss at the art galleries of Manchester.

Manchester is emerging with the finest art. From the spectacular art galleries to street art, you will get the fun-filled exhibitions, shows and stunning art pieces around the city. For the latest exciting shows and events, take a look at our list below:

Artists in the Frame: Self-Portraits by Van Dyck and Others

Witness the self-portraits of the famous artists like Van Dyck, William Hogerth, Angelica Kauffman, Sarah Lucas, Julian Opie, Grayson Perry and Wyndham Lewis. Well, with the self portatraits of so many artists, it is much more revealing of their works.

However, in this case, the exceptional centrepiece of this exhibition is Sir Anthony Van Dyck’s last Self-Portrait. This man has changed the face of portraiture in Britain under the reign of Charles I with revealing a variety of art pieces.

Cai Guo-Qiang

It’s the first art exhibtion in the new landscape gallery. To make the brand new Landscape Galllery at the Whitworth stand out, Chinese artisan Cai Guo-Qiang has brought the impressive gunpowder work to Manchester.

His incredible installation ‘Unmanned Nature’ (2008) is a 45 metre long, 4 metre high gunpowder draing and this will be the first that is showing anywhere around the world outside the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Well-known for amazing remarkable projects employing gunpower including the fireworks displays for the opening and closing ceremony of Beijing Olympics in 2008, Cai Guo-Qiang’s work has taken the materials accompanied with violence by the creating the works of spectacular beauty.

House Proud

Don’t miss out a chance to see some of the finest collections of glass, metalwork and furniture at the Manchester Gallery. Manchester Gallery was one of the very first to collect the furniture and homeware. As a result, its collection offers a breathtaking insight into the amazing boundaries of practical design and art.

In fact, some manufacturers are from 1930s having the skills of artists to improve their design and reputation. So, check out the work by the likeness of Dame Laura Knight, Eric Raviious and John Piper.

New Acquisitions

The Karpidas art exhibition celebrates the latest gift of 90 contemporary art pieces to the gallery. This exhibition features a wide selections of works by Richard Patterson, Paul Noble, Anna Barriball, Laure Prouvost, Richard Forster and Dorothy Cross.

The photography will feature the works in the exhibition by Wolfgang Tillans, Liz Deschenes, Luke Fowler, Lisa Oppenheim, Josh Brand and Gillian Wearing.