The Most Family Friendly and Fun Activities to Enjoy in Manchester

The Most Family Friendly and Fun Activities to Enjoy in Manchester

Manchester is a bustling city in UK with a rich culture and visitors have far more than great shopping centre and night outs to enjoy here. If you happen to be a visitor and seeking for family friendly and fun activities to indulge in Manchester this summer or coming Christmas then consider the following things.

Outdoor Sports

Manchester has been continuing with its tradition of sports and representing two popular football teams that is a great attraction in itself for family visitors. No matter whatever team is your favorite, a real time visit to a football stadium can be made for treating your family with fun and extravagance.

Go to Old Trafford and travel around the stadium – take your family to the chip shops standing across Matt Busby Way that are famous for snack items.  If your family members are feeling gloomy then a Manchester City Stadium visit can make them spirited. Plan a stadium tour with a simultaneous trip to the (NFM) National Football Museum for a highly exciting football experience. There’s a great collection of football mementos to reminisce those worthy events played in past. It has also friendly atmosphere for kids where they can play around kicking footballs.

If you are seeking for more thrilling action then Manchester obliges with activities ranging from cycling and canoeing to skiing. AirKix Skydiving and Chill Factore are located adjacent to each other where you can experience the real thrill of flying through the sky. You can join The Family Adventure Project to know why it is a must for fun activities of Manchester visitors.

A family trip in Manchester city with kids can be enjoyed with more pleasing activities at the Manchester Climbing Center, The State Park and the Salford Water Sports Centre.

Zoos and Wildlife Parks

If you want to have a great day out for your family with more wildlife related activities then some interesting zoos and wildlife parks are available in Manchester. Apart from Blackpool zoo and Chester Zoo, you will have Heaton Park, Lyme Park and Dunham Massey to allow your kids the sightseeing of animals and access their fun play areas.

Museums and Art Galleries

Manchester is home to museums that vary in shape, size and exhibits!  One of the most popular one is The Manchester Museum.  It is filled with original and unconventional collections starting from Roman coins to amazing beatles.  In addition to this there is Museum of Science and Industry and the Museum of Transport which reflect industrial revolution at its best. If you are interested in wonderful events and art objects then you can consider taking your family to the John Rylands Library and the Manchester Art Gallery.

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