Never to Miss Tourist Attractions in Manchester

Never to Miss Tourist Attractions in Manchester

Vivacious and arty, Manchester gives off a vibe that is not found in any other city of United Kingdom. While walking down the Market street, you are likely to explore the main shopping area which is every shopper’s dream. Salford is situated in the prime location – west side of the city centre and The Salford Quays is seen offering affordable stay to tourists on many special occasions and festivals that Manchester is playing host to. It was earlier home to heavy industries but has modernized a lot to be regarded as one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Manchester city.

Manchester allows tourists to see and do many interesting things. We know what can make a good travel trip to Manchester city. That’s why we have picked up the following five tourists attractions for your consideration when you plan to visit Manchester in UK.

1. Phones4U Arena (formerly Manchester Evening News Arena)

Apart from being the busiest musical venues in the whole world, the Phones4U Arena happens to be the biggest indoor arena in Europe, where 21,000 people can seat together! Since its inception in 1995, the Phones4U Arena has drawn some of the reputed names in show businesses to the North Western region of England. Regardless of its large size, getting entry to the venue is fast and easy and a number of staff is always there to lead you to your seat. The Mancunians use the method of texting a message to the overhead score board and get the crowd feel excited every moment of the musical concert or sports event.

2. Lowry Outlet Mall

It is the only factory outlet situated at the Salford Quays to serve every fashion oriented and bargain seekers in this world. It keeps a stock of designer and high street labels to offer them at great discounts of up to 50% or even more. The Lowry Outlet Mall has great offers for both women and men and allows them to relax in one of the bistros or by watching the recent blockbuster on the 8 screen cinema after spending a lot of time in shopping around the 80 boutiques.

3. Aerial Extreme

Aerial Extreme in Manchester is famous for providing tourists with fun packed and awesome experience. It is where you can take to the treetops and experience thrilling action! From high rope adventure courses including climbing, swinging and jumping between tall trees to riding high in the air, you can get to enjoy lot more than fancy zip slides. You can also move down the wire at fastest speed and still remain safe. Aerial Extreme allows a fun and adventurous day out for both children and adults by keeping them safe and entertained.

4. Manchester Museum

Collection of ancient arts is displayed at Manchester Museum, beautifully organized and maintained for your sensory pleasure. The museum puts on display all the invaluable historical objects along with anthropological and archaeological work. You can visit this place to revisit the past and gather fascinating facts from the ancient eras in the world. Manchester Museum has many exclusive artifacts and exhibitions that will surely amuse you.

5. Canal Street Manchester Gay Village

Manchester is the most preferred destination for lesbian and gay tourists coming from all across the world. Canal Street, recognized as the centre of Manchester’s Gay Village is a pedestrian street bustling with a wide range of gay clubs, restaurants and bars. This village is a popular attraction where tourists can hang out and indulge in a unique atmosphere of the canal street.

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