7 Best Activities for Couples in Manchester

7 Best Activities for Couples in Manchester

If you are all set to holiday in Manchester with your better half after a long time and not sure what activities you should consider doing that would have romantic tinge, you need to read this blog out.


Home to some of the most popular museums in Europe, Manchester is a definite place to head and know history. The Imperial War Museum, the Manchester Museum and the Peoples History Museum are to name the popular ones.

Art Gallery:

A day trip to Manchester Art Gallery will be a memorable one. There are a plenty of things to see, mainly art collections and various exhibitions. But the most famous thing at Manchester Art Gallery is the compilation of Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

Italian Restaurant If Your Wife Loves Italian:

A superb lunch or dinner can be a great activity after a whole day’s fun. Just a few yards away from the magnificent Holiday Inn Express Manchester is located Don Giovanni’s great restaurant serving scrumptious Italian dishes.


Manchester entertainment is at its fullest at Printworks. This entertainment complex has a great selection of restaurants, bars and clubs. Printworks is a frequent destination for couples and lovers who want to have some great time.


Shopping? Selfridges should be your next stop. When in this city, how can you stop your loved one from her favourite activity? Selfridges houses outstanding range of Manchester shops. Your wife will find all her requirements under one big roof.

Comedy Store:

Have some good laugh at the Comedy Store. It is spacious and can accommodate up to five hundred guests. There is a vast dining area where you can have a delicious meal after the show. There is also a VIP ward room.

What are you waiting for? Plan a Manchester tour now and get ready to cherish every moment.

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