5 Restaurants in Manchester That You Cannot Ignore

5 Restaurants in Manchester That You Cannot Ignore

Hooked Seafood:

Visited once? You cannot stop your feet from visiting twice. Yes, this is true. The restaurant is just an amazing venue to enjoy food in a lively atmosphere. It is a wooden bar with marine decorations. Known for delicious seafood, the restaurant is mainly thronged by people who want to treat their taste buds with mouth-watering lobster. Hooked Seafood offers great lunch specials. Try its rice pilaf. It is tasty and crunchy.

Campo Enoteca:

If you want the best food while in Manchester, Campo Enoteca is definitely calling you. Campo Enoteca is an Italian restaurant serving great Italian dishes. Any Italian visitor out there in Manchester? This Italian restaurant in Manchester is all they deserve to be at.

KC’s Rib Shack:

It is time to tantalise your taste buds with barbeque meals. KC’s Rib Shack is a phenomenal spot to try American cuisines too. Even if you are no BBQ expert, ask the staff at the restaurant they will suggest you the best of KC’s Rib Shack. Here, you will have the feeling of a backyard barbeque. This Manchester restaurant has a deep menu. Also, check out their tasty cocktail menu.

Gyro Spot:

Let’s have a change of taste and hit Gyro Spot. A famed Greek restaurant that Gyro Spot is, visitors to Manchester are likely to get engrossed with a number of traditional Greek dishes. Foods are served in a contemporary style and in a contemporary atmosphere.

Mint Bistro:

Mint Bistro is one of the high sought after Manchester restaurants serving sushi meals. The restaurant has an eclectic menu with an excellent sushi list. Cocktail lovers will love having some drinks in a fashionable backdrop.

As you go explore Manchester, you will not be surprised to find the eateries in the city. If you want enjoy more – hire Manchester escort babe for entertaining  night.

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