5 Must Visit Clubs in Manchester

5 Must Visit Clubs in Manchester

When visiting Manchester, no one can afford to miss its vibrant nightlife which has a lot to offer to travellers from all walks of life. As a matter of fact the city’s nightlife is as busy as its day. Strongest music playing across different parts of the city make it one of the happening places in the country. With one of the largest population of students of United Kingdom residing here, there is no dearth of pocket friendly clubs, bars and restaurants. You will be spoilt for choices available.

We bring to you a few popular clubs which you can explore here.

The Milton Club:

Located at Deansgate, it is one of the most contemporary clubs meant for private members. Its sophisticated ambience with stylishly designed black and ochre interiors enhances the experience all the more. What sets it apart is the exceptional services it offers to its guests. The Milton Club exemplifies the warmth and style of this city.

Revolucian De Cuba:

Established in 2012, Revolucian De Cuba, has soon caught the fancy of party goers. It is the flagship branch of the famous Mancunian rum bar is a place where you can dance to the beats of peppy music every night. Over fifty premium rums, cocktails and salsa lessons is what awaits here. It has emerged as one of the busiest bars in town.


Suede is the address for VIPS and celebrities. Located just off Deansgate, it is the super club catching the fancy of style conscious segment of the city. Hundreds of partygoers prefer it for Suede offers an indulging clubbing experience. Here, you can Hip Hop and House and RnB music at its best.

Black Dog Ballroom:

Located in the Northern Quarter bellow the popular Affleck’s Palace, it is New York motivated diner, pool room and night club. It is open till 4 am which makes it the perfect destination for many late night visitors. Here, you can enjoy finest cocktails. With its hidden VIP room and other features, it becomes the most popular bar in the city.

Cuba Cafe:

Situated of Hilton Street in the Northern Quarter, it is a Cuban style cafe offering classical soul club experience at weekends and midweek salsa lessons. Make sure you reach here early as it is packed with crowd within minutes of its opening. It is open till 2 am.

Above slated are some of the most popular clubs in MANCHESTER which you can explore during your visit.

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