4 Italian Restaurants in Manchester

4 Italian Restaurants in Manchester

From pizza to pasta, modern to traditional, there is something for every Italian food aficionado in Manchester. There are several places where you can dig into delicious Italian dishes. Manchester Restaurants offer a range of places to drink and eat when it comes to Italian food. Of all cuisines served in Manchester, the one that tops the list of many is Italian. Manchester city is home to some of the finest restaurants serving Italian food.

Jamie’s Italian:

The stately Grade II listed building of the restaurant makes it an ideal place provided you are visiting alone. It is known for serving authentic Italian cuisine for which Jamie Oliver’s chain is popular. Here, you will find several other dishes besides pizza and pasta. Here, the regional mains along with well-sourced antipasti do decent business as well. The menu for kids is equally tasty.


This particular San Carlo chain is quite aware of what exactly it is doing; consequential is the launch of Fumo – its fifth restaurant in Manchester city. Visit here lets you grab some of the finest Italian food and enjoy silky service and plushness here.

Don Giovannis:

It is one of the most visited and famous restaurant in Manchester serving an exclusive range of Italian food. The praise of this restaurant is being done by people across the city. Italian dishes are cooked by experienced chefs using authentic ingredients and spices and served in a stylish and sleek dining area.


SoLita stands for “South of Little Italy” primarily because of its location right beneath Little Italy area of this great city – it aims to bring together the finest of Italy, Manchester and New York. Essentially, it is a must visit for those who have craving for Italian food.

So if you are craving for Italian food in Manchester city then do explore the restaurants slate above.

Above slated are three Manchester Restaurants apt for date. While on tour of Manchester city and visiting popular restaurants for delicious Italian dishes, enjoy the companionship of hot escorts in Manchester city.

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