Top 6 Manchester Museums To Explore

Top 6 Manchester Museums To Explore

Manchester is an abode to the most famous, lavish, unique attractions of world which will leave you completely entertained from the ancient to the current era. Among all the contemporary and ancient attractions of Manchester includes the must-see museums that you need to explore during your visit to Manchester. The amazing attractions will allow you to discover the past and present iconic museums throughout Manchester. Here are my lists of top 6 Manchester museums.

Heaton Hall

Based at the 650 acres of the green suburban parkland, the Heaton hall is a well-preserved 18th century home with plentiful several interesting and authentic rooms to explore, including the circular Pompeian Room and a music room filled with popular instruments. The list of exhibition changes on a regular basis and focuses on several artistic work related to a single topic.

Wythenshawe Hall

This hall housed in a unique Tudor home has been restored from the 17th century. The past opulent adornments include the period paintings, furniture, trophies and weapons. The photography exhibits are regularly held on the top of history, artistic displays and many more. This hall is run by the City Art Galleries.

The Lowry

The wonderful collection of the works by most famous L.S. Lowry, a popular British artist who created the ghostly pictures and drawings displays in the Lowry and even you will find here the installations of several regional and international contemporary artists. The Lowry’s art work allows you to experience the art first hand by entering a padded perception room taking part in the digital mural.

The Jewish Museum

The Jewish population in Manchester was 1740 and has continued to increase their number since then. Now the population of the Jewish Museum has reached around 30,000. However, this Jewish museum offers the history of the unique culture over the past 200 years. A wide array of homes, schools and synagogues photographs adorns the walls of this museum.

Manchester Museum

The excellent Manchester Museum was made in 1912 and some of the exhibits are still displayed like the century old format. Some of the visitor’s favourite are the aquarium, Egyptology display, reconstructed skeletons exhibition and display of common characteristics between the early Homo sapiens and primates.

The Cornerhouse

It’s a cultural activity centre for those artists who are interested in the visual arts with three galleries providing different media and styles. In fact, the three movie screen displays the cinematic art and a rotating schedule of discussions, recitals, exhibitions and book signing that means there is always something which you need to explore here. The café and bar area are the best and luxury points for meeting purposes.