Top 5 Things to do in Manchester When It’s Summer

Top 5 Things to do in Manchester When It’s Summer

It might be hard to believe that but there is a heatwave upon us. As it is a completely rare happening, we can believe you might have forgotten what the best things to do when it’s sunny day. That is the reason why we have compiled this all resourceful guide for you. From the enjoyable beer gardens and picnic spots to short walks and nearby beaches, our guide will help you make the most of the sunny weather.

Go for an Ice Cream Out

Well, there might not have any beach in Manchester but that does not mean you don’t know how to make the most out of the sun. During the hot weather in this summer; you can decide yourself to prepare by booking in the favourite ice cream parlours in Greater Manchester.

Go to a beer garden

The inviting skyline of Manchester has always been an eye-catching sight but never more so than on a crystal clear, sunny day.

Whether you want to enjoy the day with a cocktail from one of the city’s rooftop bars or soak up yourself some culture along with the exotic sunshine, you can enjoy the crafted beers throughout the Manchester area.

Hit The Beach

As Ian Brown is once famously said, Manchester has everything except a beach; but luckily you don’t need to go very far to find a beach. From active Blackpool to the serene dunes of Formby, the seaside is very closer than you think.

Take a hike

There’s nothing in the world; which is better than getting out into the great outdoors when the sun is upon us. Whether you want to visit a gentle hillside stroll or an exhausting mountain hike, there is nothing like the offerings in Manchester. And having the Peak District at your doorstep, you can make access the stunning scenery.

Pack a picnic

Manchester’s Heaton Park is the biggest as well as the most famous municipal park around Europe; even there is no shortage of space to spread out your picnic blanket. Or having a picnic with different varieties, the recently reopened Whitworth gallery has the plentiful hampers that you can borrow; but you’ll have to bring your own sandwiches, even there are full of art materials and ideas, and a picnic blanket, obviously.