Top 5 Exotic Manchester Parks

Top 5 Exotic Manchester Parks

Manchester is a fabulous destination with fully packed architectural gems like Town Hall, Central Library, imposing Statues and many more attractions. Manchester is a city with top rated parks and sporting excellence; that’s the reason why it’s a popular destination. Take an excellent walk of our discovery and have fun about finding the best parks.

Medlock Valley Parks

The Medlock Valley Parks comprises of several parks including the Brookdale Park famous for wide arrays of bird species, Philips Park (Manchester’s first public park) and Clayton Vale and Clayton Park which is filled with plentiful trees and multiple species of flowers.

Castlefield Urban Heritage Park

This park has a spectacular history of urban success back to 79 BC when it was a part of Roman Fort. In 1971, the world’s first purpose built canal, the Bridgewater Canal had made this park a focal point for trade. This is also a home to the Museum of Science and Industry.

Debdale Area Parks

Debdale Park and Delemere Park combines to make the Debdale Area Parks. At Debdale Park, you will get to see the four tennis courts, boating and water sport facilities, a nature tail and rock climbing options. This park offers “fundays” throughout the summer for the entire family. Even, the Delemere Park is also a home to several athletic activities.

Boggart Hole Clough

It’s a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not only you will get a chance to be surrounded by the ancient woodland and the scenic beauty of nature, but you will able to enjoy various athletic facilities like tennis, basketball courts, boating areas and other leisure options. This park often hosts various events including mountain bike rides, bonfire and firework shows.

Central Parks and Gardens

The Central Parks area includes Ardwick Green Park, Platt Fields Park, Whitworth Park and Birchfields Park. Even you will get the activity that you desire in this park area. Even, your kids can enjoy playing in the playgrounds at the Whitworth. Go for a boating option and visit the Shakespearean Gardens at the Platt Fields. Visit the Manchester’s World war Memorial at the Ardwick Green Park of the Manchester.
Make a visit to these amazing parks and enjoy the activities with your friends, kids or family delightfully. If you have any query, then leave your comments below!

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