Top 5 Best Places of Manchester To Visit For An Amazing Night Out

Top 5 Best Places of Manchester To Visit For An Amazing Night Out

Manchester is a splendid city with full of heritage, spirit, fashion and hedonism. Being well-known as England’s capital of the north, Manchester has near-pearless musical, sporting offerings. In the recent years, it has become most fabulous destinations throughout the world.

Cloud 23

Start your wonderful evening at Cloud 23. A recent renovation has made this bar as one of the best place to visit in Manchester. Book a online reservation today and try a cocktail like Dalton’s Atomic Experiment before the dinner. Located at the 23rd floor of the Beetham Tower with the exckusive floor to incredible ceiling windows, this bar offers spectacular views of te Greater Manchester. In the Automn 2012, this bar has refurbished into an opulent and destination bar.


Situated at the railway arches of the Whitworth Street West in the City Centre, Gorilla is a famous bar with a kitchen, club space and live performance venue. The mezzanine gin parlour of the bar offers a nice touch; it’s tempting setting for the evening. All the food will be served from 12pm until the late night. In the evening, this bar serves cocktails and hosts a gin parlour.


Cornerhouse is an enduring, cultural hub. This exciting venue comprises of cinema, café, bar and art venue and if your busy schedule doesn’t offer enough time to see the latest foreign film, then come into the galleries which opens until 8pm.

Cornerhouse bar has now merged with the Library Theatre to create Home, a newly built centre for the contemporary art, film, books and theatre.

Mr Thomas’s Chop House

The homemade Corned Beef Hash in Mr Thomas’s Chop House offers a memorable meal. This is an authentic Victorian bar with the splendid atmosphere; customer friendly staff, finest wine, beer and food make the destination well worth for visiting there.

The Northern Quarter

There is no night out excursion complete without visiting to the Northern Quarter. Among all the numerous bars here, Marble Brewery’s 57 Thomas Street operation, Port Street Beer House (currently it’s a pub) and Bakerie which is a bar bakes its own bread.

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