Top 5 Best June-Tastic Comedy Dates

Top 5 Best June-Tastic Comedy Dates

Well, June will see the beginning of the Edinburgh Fringe preview season. It’s your chance to check out the shows in their early stages before they are heading to Scotland. Although, it might not be a polished fine article; but seeing them at the earliest can have its advantages- it’s affordable, you can roll to your bed from the venue and you won’t need to sit in the shipping container pretending it’s a theatre. In addition to, you can always popup a pizza in the deep fat fryer when you will enter into for obtaining full Scottish capital experiences.

As there is full line up of comedy in this month, it’s wise to head over the biggest comedy festival in the world.

Group Therapy at Tiger Lounge, Thu June 4, £5

First and foremost, the special Edinburgh preview gig will run by the Group Therapy Comedy Club at Tiger Lounge. The multiple individuals of Will Franken will play out in the dark and twisted setting with the bankable Fringe regular Carl Donnelly which will reveal his latest hour.

Laugh Local, Chorlton Irish Club, Fri June 5, £12 (£10 conc) in advance

This is a monthly comedy club which is situated at your doorstep for all your hipster types throughout Chorlton. Cheeky Oldham Fella Alex Boardman will take the reins and introduce the North Irish comedian and writer Michael Legge, Aussie comic Mickey D and many more artists.

Best in Stand Up, The Comedy Store, Fri 5 & Sat 6 June, £12 – £22

It’s a typical, fine line up of acts from the show of weekend at the store. Here, the fine tale spinner Lan Coppinger will introduce the bombastic Kiwi Jarred Christmas, the acid tongued Jo Caulfield and the musical comedy from Christian Reilly.

Group Therapy, Gorilla, Sat June 6, £11 (£8 conc)

It’s another great line up from the monthly gig with two idiosyncratic acts of the circuit i.e. veteran Paul Foot and the newcomer Bobby Mair. Paul foot has a unique ability to make the pant wetting like funny without knowing the audience why they are laughing so hard and Canadian Mair will run a line in nice weirdo stick.

End of the Pier, The Dancehouse, Sat June 6, £8 (£6 conc)

However, this is another set of joyous comedy headlines. And it is even a home to the comedy of yesteryears. However, there is performance poetry from Thick Richard and Edward Barry and music from the Ben Miler Band.

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