Top 5 Best Burrito Spots in London

Top 5 Best Burrito Spots in London

Well, interesting fact about burrito is that in Spanish, the word “burrito” means “little donkey.” Another funny fact is that in London English, the word “burrito” literally means “insanely delicious custom-filled tortilla blankets; which are now served in many spots that we all could really do with a specialized round-up of the best ones. Here is our list of top 5 best burrito spots in London.


What you will get here: Grilled Chicken

It was began by two guys with an exclusive burrito obsession in 2009 and it has now branches in six different locations. It’s clear that it’s doing something right. Well, the burritos you will find here are extremely delicious; it has some pre-made grab and go-wraps; if you are extremely busy.

Freebird Burritos

What you will get here: Grilled steak

At the beginning it was started as one small food stall; but it has now grown into a mini burrito empire with plentiful stalls and even a little takeaway connection by Liverpool St. It’s extended its delicious menu a touch with both the traditional Mexi-meats and some good ol’ fashioned Southern-style BBQ. When you have needed your decision to be any more difficult, the steak you will find here is particularly spectacular after being marinated for about 24 hours and being cooked to a nice medium rare.


What you will get here: Pork pibil

As the Wahaca empire has continued its march around the capitol, it’s rather quietly opened a couple small burrito takeaway windows located in White City, Canary Wharf, and Charlotte St. If yes, its legendary pork pibil is available.

Benito’s Hat

What you will get here: Super-Slow Braised Pork Carnitas

Its Carnitas are even braised with balsamic vinegar and black pepper, surely they are a little modern, but they are damn tasty. The vinegar isn’t really noticeable, but it can cleanse your pallet from the pork nicely. Another cool thing you will find here; its little cylindrical parcels may come in two sizes (regular and baby), it means if a food coma is your ultimate destination and you fancy trying to taste multiple flavours, they can totally get on



What you will get here: Barbacoa burrito, always served with extra guacamole

When this US-based chain has first come to London, it has welcomed with open arms by some of the expats with the hopes; which just maybe the delicious Mexican cuisine they have fondly remembered. While the ultimate UK version has received a combination of responses, it’s raised the profile of the humble burrito across the city to new heights. Life’s too short. Come and visit us.