Top 5 Best Bars to Enjoy Nightlife in Manchester

Top 5 Best Bars to Enjoy Nightlife in Manchester

It’s really hard to make a list of the top 5 best bars in Manchester; which will suit the unique requirements of every individual. Many people love to choose the exquisite continental style at the independent establishments; which specializes in providing German wheat beer or the back street boozers with their amazing local ales and others looking for the footballer filled wine bars or the stylish cocktail bars with their dress-to-impress door policies. To spend quality time in city – hire hot Escort Manchester

The wide masses of flock to the busy anytown chain pubs while the dance loving crowd must love the city’s vibrant nightclubs.

Hold Fast

Situated at Hatters Hostel, Hold Fast loves to celebrate a bygone era of the most famous Victorian exploration and discovery. Being an incredible place of oddities, curiosities and mythical creatures, this unique venue located at the Northern Quarter has travelled to the abyss and have brought something special.


If you will combine the shabby New York City dive style with the exclusive craft beers, EATS and Rock n’ Roll from the last five decades, MOJO has been offering a slick, high octane environment with the friendly and knowledgeable staffs.

Mr Coopers House & Garden

It’s nothing but a proper and grown up bar based in the Midland Hotel! Try out the Mr Cooper’s inventive cocktails; that reflects the Simon Rogan’s signature use ofamazing ingredients, combinations and styles in a truly exclusive environment. Mr Cooper’s House & Garden offers a perfect combination of modern touches with the ancient history and heritage of Mr Cooper himself, whose house and famous gardens have sat on the site back in the year 1819.


Kosmonaut has been offering a complete artistic feel being inspired by the bars in NY’s meatpacking district. The three bare brick rooms have been stripped back to revealation of the former cotton warehouse’s original character and are packed with individually sourced domestic fixtures and fittings


With the fantastic range of champagne and cocktails available at the bar next to Manchester Central, Epernay is a must-visit destination that you should give it a try throughout your life. Over a hundred champagnes are available at extremely competitive prices, all sourced are from the wide arrays of large and small houses throughout the Champagne region. Being an award-winning mixologist, it has been serving around 80 varieties of cocktails to its customers.

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