Top 4 Tourists’ Attractions of Manchester

Top 4 Tourists’ Attractions of Manchester

When you feel tired for your heavy work load or when you want to spend your holidays with your family or when you desire for honeymoon trip, you must hunt for a tourist destination that will give you peace.  One such destination is Manchester. It is one of the best tourists’ destinations at present. Manchester is a good destination for higher education, art and culture. To make Manchester livelier for tourists, the authority has made a great change in the city. Now, it is a redeveloped city and highly popular among the visitors. There are many Manchester attractions and among them here is a list of 4 top attractions.

Victoria baths:

It is a stunning bath place for public that shows the former glories. Victoria is considered as the marvellous bathing place for all countrymen. Due to environmental pollution were closed now. It is now just a heritage spot in Manchester. The beauty of the spot is totally incredible and it is impossible to describe the beauty of the spot. Its striking style bath suite and its main pool are really excellent to describe. Its multi-coloured terracotta facade and mind blowing stained glass in intricate Victorian tiling is out of description. Victoria is the best destination Manchester attraction for family trip.

Manchester Cathedral:

This is also one of the best Manchester attractions till date. It is located beside the bank of Irwell. In 1848, it was given the honour of Cathedral. Many changes have been done almost in all century and have become the best attraction in Manchester. Choir-stalls are the best notable attraction and St John’s Chapel is known as the Manchester Regiment’s chapel and the Lady Chapel as a wooden screen. The wall painting of this Cathedral is also splendid.

Tatton Park:

Those who love nature must love Tatton Park and it is also the best Manchester attraction. It is mainly an outstanding park and the paradise for every nature and garden lovers. Tatton Park is famous to every nature enthusiast for its striking views. It has stunning sight with deer park, lake and landscaped parkland etc is really beautiful. Tatton Park arranges many events like Clasic Car Shows, RHS Flower Show, Major Outdoor Concerts, etc. in every year.


Last but not the least Manchester attraction is Castlefield and it is also known as an “Urban Heritage Park” in Manchester. To see its royal beauty every year many tourists also come here.

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