Top 4 Restaurants in Manchester

Manchester is not just famous for being a Metropolitan city. Visiting this particular UK city will certainly bring a great amount of fun. Over the years, the Manchester city has grown into an entertainment hub where all kinds of people, of different age groups, have their share of best things to see and do. There is another aspect that the city is famous for – it’s eating habits.

Gaucho Grill:

One of the finest places to have a hearty meal in Manchester is Gaucho Grill. A well-known restaurant in Manchester, Gaucho Grill delivers the best steak in the town. Boasting a perfect meal for everyone, including groups, couples and individuals, Gaucho Grill welcomes locals and visitors with open arms.

Sapporo Teppanyaki:

Great ambiance, elegant décor, mouth-watering food and wonderful setting, Sapporo Teppanyaki is a must visit place to eat in the city. This Manchester restaurant has an excellent staff support with scrumptious dishes. Try smoked chicken rolls along with garlic and ginger scallops before going to rest in a five-star Manchester hotel.

Don Giovanni’s:

Any Italian visitor out there in Manchester? If so, there is a good news for all of you. Don Giovanni’s is a must visit restaurant in the city for the best Italian meals. Italian food is simply awesome. The restaurant is stylishly designed with floor to ceiling windows. You can have a wide selection of traditional dishes, from steak to pizza, from pasta to salads, from starters to sides.


Turns out to be a great spot for kids, Croma is located next to the business hub, Albert Square. Croma has earned a big name amongst visitors to Manchester who want to taste the best pizza in the city. Have a look at the menu that carries the list of traditional pizzas.

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