Top 4 Hidden Manchester Wine Bars

Top 4 Hidden Manchester Wine Bars

Mystery is such a cool thing! And every city has their own secrets. When you will come to a new place or a new city, it’s a good idea to explore the city. You will discover the things of the city that even not found by the locals.

However, Manchester nightlife has a few little hidden treasures from the drinking dens to small underground rock n roll bars. If you are getting tired of going to the best bars, then check out our list of best hidden bars in Manchester. After all, these bars are not hidden; but it’s assuming that it’s.

The Liquor Store

This hidden Manchester bar, a gem (not a secret anymore) is worth for discovering. If you will go from the beaten track of the Deansgate bars towards Salford; you will get a cool crowd enjoying the rocking Manchester music, superrb cocktails in a wicked atmosphere with the togetherness in the late night. It opens every night of the week. Book your table now and get to enjoy the best service at the top spot.

Dogs & Dough

Located at the small side road of the Albert Square end of the Cross Street is the cool place. This secret bar offers gourmet hot dogs and pizzas with craft beers, cocktails and music in an underground setting of Dogs & Dough. Here, don’t forget to try out £4.50 cocktails and order a bottle of prosecco and two hot dogs £25.

The Fitzgerald

The Fitzerald is a hidden bar with oozing cool atmosphere ans speakeasy bar. This bar is attired 1920’s staaf and décor. This bar is elegant and cool with a wide selection of drinks and this cocktail bar is exclusively welcoming. Book a table and enjoy a vintage style setting.

Dusk Til Pawn

It is one of the best kept secrets of the Northern Quarter. If you wil look from the front side, it looks like a quirky pawn shop; but when you will step inside the bar, you will feel like coming into the finest cocktail bars in Manchester. With the jukebox, killer cocktail and speakeasy vibes, Dusk Til Pawn is one of the best ever secret bars which is well worth for a visit only if you are searching something a little different; when it comes to Manchester nightlife.

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