Top 4 Best Steaks To Enjoy In Manchester

Top 4 Best Steaks To Enjoy In Manchester


Well, the T-Bone of Hawksmoor (available at £8 per 100gm) is an excellent delight; which is the fillet one side, sirloin at the other. The joy coming from the bone can amazingly seep flavour into the meat. It can be cooked perfectly at the medium range of 800g and filled with the sauces (price £1 each) are top most things to marvel. The best two in terms of uniqueness are the ultimate anchovy and the stilton; it’s highly recommended to taste its steaks.


However, this is right up there with the best-in class steaks throughout Manchestet. With the high quality 28 days aged fillet (at £32) which breaks on the blade like the memory of a perfect day; you can expect here a superior texture and full-on, strong beef-flesh along with a soft, yielding character that will make a food critic write like the EL James; that means it’s with strained metaphors and breathlessness. Usually, steaks need friends, a sauce for enhancement, a side to entrance. Here you will get the best quality steaks on this whole ‘best of’ list, which is a perfectly timed risotto, faultless home-made foie gras and a cream of foie gras sauce.


Aiden Byrne, the main chef at the Manchester House, who is considered as the perfectionist. And, by all aspect, heis a bad tempered one; that’s a good thing because all that testosterone, instead of sending him (like Gordo) prematurely bald, manifests himself in some quite stunning food. A recent meal here scored here so highly it could have been a top class two meal in the North West. But the main purpose was to try out the Belted Galloway beef (Available at £64 for two people) at the core of the offerings at Manchester House; it’s being the facsimile of an award winning dish; that he did for the BBC’s Great British Menu.


Gaucho have come closer for being knocked from the top ten for two reasons; the sirloin had been trimmed of most of the thick covering, while the service was, on the night; which are pretty poor. The sirloin, all 500g (£37) is quite big enough for two people and a not-so-little beauty. It’s nothing but crispy, well seasoned exterior with a great pink, bloody interior; the unique flavour of the Argentinian pampas; that grasses shining through.

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