Top 4 Best New Coffee Shops in Manchester

Top 4 Best New Coffee Shops in Manchester

Well, so far in 2015 we have seen so many cafes, coffeehouses in the city. Here are our top 4 best new coffee shops in Manchester:


The main motto of Ziferblat is that time is money. Basically, there is a concept; that’s derived out of Moscow, Ziberblat is a reputable coffee shop that charges its customers for the time spent here and not how much they consume; as the coffee, the cakes, the super fast wifi is completely free. Time, though, you have to pay 5p per minute. You just go inside and help yourself and mull for awhile; just you need to keep an eye on the clock.


In fact, it’s a cool shop, in a New York City urban lavishing style and Ezra & Gil are serious on banking in on what they describe as the ‘urban coffee and café culture’. Three weeks before, it has opened on Hilton Street, they’re even succeeding in staking a claim on the NQ coffee regulars. Ezra’s competitively priced, authentic coffee can best the NQ coffeehouse originals (like cappuccino available only at £2.50). They even provide pancakes, both savoury and sweet throughout a day. If you opt for a substantial lunchtime fix, then order a mushroom and chilli on ciabiatta bread (£4.75).


Federal is a well-known coffeeshop having a liquor licence. That’s reason why there is enough to pay a visit. Though it’s the coffee and plentiful breakfast menu that stuns even the punters here. Try out the ‘halloumi & shrooms’; which is pan fried halloumi with garlic and thyme roast mushrooms on sourdough toast with two exclusively perfect poached eggs (£7.50). Enjoy diving into its extensive cake selection also.


If you will set away from the huge ‘hip’ indies, amazingly specialist coffee makers have Idle Hands do well in orderto enliven the coffee options based on Piccadilly Approach with its uniquely cultivated espresso (about 60% Brazil natural 40% El Salvador washed) and best-in class brew bar. This is also an excellent coffee shop. Idle Hands will able to run for another six months before another business has extremely small unit near the train station.