Top 4 Best Manchester Sites To Enjoy Foods Outside in Summer

Top 4 Best Manchester Sites To Enjoy Foods Outside in Summer

Well, we have covered all when it comes to drinking, with our guides to the best rooftop bars, the wonderful beer gardens and plentiful wine bars in Manchester. But what about when it comes to your stomach which is after the attention! Well, despite being in a famously rainy city, the restaurants and cafés in Manchester have smanaged to sneak a fair few tables and chairs outside. Here are our list of top 4 places in order to enjoy foods under the wide blue sky.

Oak Street Café

A few wooden tables have clustered in the sun spot at the front of the Craft and Design Centre; that needs you to make an order from the Oak Street Café inside and even you can sit here beneath a glass awning (which becomes handy when the weather is quite warm, but drizzly) and enjoy the exclusive homemade soups, salads, quiches, stews and tarts being surrounded by the hanging baskets and pot plants. The cake, you will find here is quite moreish, too.

Rosylee Tea Rooms

If you will face onto the relatively tranquil surroundings of Stevenson Square, then no doubt Rosylee Tea Rooms boasts a good few tables being hemmed in by the planters on the wide pavement outside. Serving everything from the breakfast through to Inka skewers, sandwiches, ‘comfort food’ and afternoon tea, you will find pretty culinarily covered here and, with the exclusive six red and six white wines by the glass and even it’s also a good place to enjoy a sip of something.


Slice does one thing, and does it very well; so here you will just need to order a big, flat rectangles of pizza from the counter inside and they’ll pop it in the oven for you until it’s warm and salty and moreish. Being served up on the wooden board with a handful of salad, pizza (with a wide range of well chosen toppings) is quite amazing thing to enjoy outside; even there is a lounge around Slice’s outdoor tables facing out onto Stevenson Square and you can imagine that you’re right now in Italy.

Home Sweet Home

The splendid whitewashed, slatted outdoor tables of Home Sweet Home have come much under demand. There are only four or five squeezed along the pavement; so if you’re heading over there for a hungover brunch (that’s something restorative like the House Hash A-Go-Go or one of the range of Bennie on the menu), a mega burger, pulled pork pile up, veggie chilli burrito or just a ginormous slice of one of HSH’s famously insane cakes, so it will be better you to be prepared to wait.

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