Top 4 Best Manchester Night Clubs

Top 4 Best Manchester Night Clubs

Manchester is the famous destination which offers wide variety of enjoyable night clubs for party goers. With the rich and best-in class musical heritage, Manchester has earned so much reputation among all the sites throughout the country. In short, Manchester has offered UK’s clubbing landscape to the peak level.

Under the glossy exterior of Manchester, an adventurous heart, a true spirit of passion and excitement lies. Here is the list of top 4 best-in class nightclubs in Manchester; but there is availability of so many options to choose from!


LIV is one of the reputable, VIP nightclub in Manchester. With the ultra stylish features and fabulous well-equipped amenities, LIV offers a unique taste of extravagance. From the interior décor to the complimentary drinks, LIV nightclub is one of the fun-filled and exciting addition to the Manchester clubbing landscape. So, come and visit LIV nightclub and enjoy the magical ambience of partying in Manchester.

Joshua Brooks

Joshua Brooks is an excellent nightclub and considered as the haven for a Manchester student crowd. With the superb facility to live sports, relax and eat, surely it will be the best place to enjoy the party to the fullest. Even, there are several entertaining events like arts, live music and a massive club night performance. A vast warehouse style space offers a great partying event for those party loving enthusiasts who love a bit of tie-off, hair-down revellery. Come and visit this nightclub to experience the uniqueness of Manchester’s lifestyle.


One of the fun packed and most famous nightclubs in Manchester, Gorilla has made the habit of enjoying the parties in an enjoyable way. With the enough space available for 700 hedonists, the Gorilla nightclub can go hard long to the finest quality sounds of DJs. Here, clubbing, drinking, dancing, chilling with mates chatting, private party and after work drinks drinks are available at extremely affordable prices. From the moment you will step into its dark interior, you will enjoy each and every moment at one of the best DJ sound. Make a reservation today and experience each and every moment of nightclub delightfully!

Sound Control

Sound Control is Manchester’s bright and dazzling nightclub. Previously, it was a music shop. With the wider ground floor bar area, Sound Control nightclub has a capacity of 120 for Live Lounge, 500 for gig space and a 400 for basement club. In simple words,  clubs don’t come as more diverse than Sound Control. Still, it‘s an innovator of dance in Manchester. Well, clubbing, dancing and drinking are available. If you are looking for a bit of edge, then there’s nowhere better nightclub than Sound Control in Manchester.

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