Top 4 Best Craft Beer Bars in Manchester

Top 4 Best Craft Beer Bars in Manchester

Well, now craft beer is blooming. More number of breweries are now blossoming up to make good drops; that means the pubs, bars and restuarants are very much popular these days. In fact, most of them have been creating their own brews and offering them to the public. If crafts are your desire, then take a look at our best craft beer bars in Manchester.

Blackjack Brew Tap

If you will head down Rochdale Road, then take a left at The Marble Arch and you will come across the minimal brewery of Blackjack Beers. Established in 2012 by Rob Hamilton, Blackjack has everything from the small operation to one of the reputable craft beer suppliers in the are with a portfolio of more than 40 cask ales.

Port Street Beer House

If you are interested in real ale and have been to manchester before, then you have already known the glowing popularity of the mecca of the craft beer and cask ale. The founders of Port Street Beer House has been behind the favorite beer festival of this region, Victoria Bath’s Indy Man Beer Con, which takes place in every October. Here, the finest brews will leave you cold, more than the helpful staffs to recommend things to suit your tastes. However, Port Street Beer House is the perfect point to educate and entertain you as much as it is to satiate.


Brewdog is one of the best craft beer bar with having runway success stories of the new wave of British brews. It has been now boasting scores of bars throughout UK. The staffs are most knowledgeable individuals around the city, when it comes to beer. As per their knowledge, the selection of beer is huge and ever changing. The core range includes the well-known Punk IPA and 5AM Saint- a pale ale and iconoclastic amber ale simultaneously.


Including the name, the plentiful cask ales is CAMRA-worrying small at a mere four. Rather than a place struggling to shift 12 lines, it’s worth of rapidly staling ale. What you will get here is the handful appearances from the reputable brewers like Dark Star, Phoenix and Tickety Brew. The expensive range of bottles can compensate those people who prefer their beer with a little carbonation.

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