Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Manchester

Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Manchester

Being the cultural and commercial capital of Lancashire, Manchester is known as the destination for higher education, arts and media. Along with Salford and eight municipalities, it makes for the county of Greater Manchester. It is home to near about three million people. Just like Liverpool, the city has undergone a drastic change with contemporary renaissance with the introduction of several initiatives. Some major changes and improvements have been made to make the city livelier for tourists. It is the redevelopment which has made it highly popular amongst visitors from all walks of life.


It is located towards the west of Deansgate Station, and is designated as an “Urban Heritage Park”. Start exploring the city right from here. Take a stroll amidst the beautifully designed and restored Victorian homes, through the renovated Roman Fort and along the old Canals rejuvenates your mind and soul. Make sure that you visit Bridgewater Canal which was built long back in 1761 for transporting coal from the mines situated at Worsley to Manchester. Do visit old warehouses that have reconstructed and turned into restaurants, hotels and shops. Do not miss Bridgewater boat tour.

Manchester Cathedral:

Located on the banks of the famous Irwell, it dates back from 1422 to 1506. It was in the year 1848 that it was given the status of Cathedral. There are two chapels on the sides of choir and nave which were constructed between 1508 and 1486. Alterations and additions were done is almost every century. Choir-stalls are the most notable of all as they are decked up with misericords. St John’s Chapel is popular as the Manchester Regiment’s chapel whereas the Lady Chapel comprises a wooden screen which dates back to 1440. Constructed in 1465, Octagonal chapterhouse has wall paintings including a Christ figure in modern day dress.

Museum of Science and Industry:

It is situated near one of the oldest rail road stations of the world. It has twelve galleries including the Power Hall with steam and water driven machines dating back to the age old textile industry. Along with it, you will also find vintage cars like Rolls Royce model of 1904. You can get a glance at the history starting from Roman Times to the industrial revolution to the modern day developments. Another must explore place is Air and Space Gallery which is home to several aircraft.

Above slated are top three tourist attractions in Manchester.

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