Top 3 Restaurants in Manchester Known for Serving Healthy Foods

Top 3 Restaurants in Manchester Known for Serving Healthy Foods

The name that does not need an introduction in the United Kingdom is Manchester. Set alongside the beautiful Merrimack River in Hillsborough County, the metropolitan city Manchester is the second most populous urban area in the United Kingdom and houses a number of scrumptious Manchester restaurants to appease hungry people. Since it is a holiday hotspot, the city receives huge number of visitors from different corners of the world, who not only come to explore Manchester but also stop by to savour the distinguished local cuisines.

Mostly dominated by technology and manufacturing industries, the downtown of Manchester is replete with great eating zones, cafes, galleries and shops. When you have a plenty of things to discover, why not find some amazing places to pamper your taste buds. Check out top three healthy eating restaurants in the city for a quality dining experience.

Jewell & the Beanstalk:

Recognised for serving healthy lunch, the menu of Jewell & the Beanstalk boasts salads, sandwiches and vegan soups. Among other top lunch specialities are craisins, apples, veg pot-pie, veggie burritos and wheat salad with pumpkin seeds. Besides lunch, you can have breakfasts and brunches at Jewell & the Beanstalk. As you step in the restaurant, you will be charmed with its quirky space decorated with local artwork, mismatched tables and antiques. The breakfast special includes omelettes and scrambles. You can also get egg whites as substitutions upon request.

All Juiced Up:

A not-to-be missed restaurant in Manchester as far as good health is concerned is All Juiced Up. Have a look at the menu – you will just love all dishes. Salads, sandwiches, soups, etc. adore the menu. The restaurant delights its customers with sandwiches such as chicken salad Panini, the quinoa chickpea drape with ginger lime aioli. Options are not limited to sandwiches, salads and soups. You can choose All Juiced Up for evening snacks as well.

Café Momo:

If you have ever tasted Nepal cuisines, this is definitely a place to go and dine. Vegetarian diners just love being here. While the food is amazing, one cannot stop himself from praising and appreciating the decor. Set amid a cosy and spacious place, the restaurant is artistically decorated and embedded with silk cushions, hand-painted tables and tiny candle lamps. The restaurant dishes up high quality, healthy food with quality ingredients. Place an order for a Kathmandu Thali with Nepalese desserts for an unforgettable eating experience.

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