Top 3 Places to Get Crafty in Manchester

Top 3 Places to Get Crafty in Manchester

Manchester is one city which has everything to offer. Its rich heritage of textile industry is directly consequential to its nickname, “Cottonpolis”. So, which can be the better place to get crafty? No matter whether it is screen printing, knitting, sewing or making jewellery or even anything else, there are so many places in Manchester city where you can find these items. We bring to you some of the most famous crafting spots, which also top the list of Manchester Attractions.

Fred Aldous:

It is one-stop craft shop. For those who want to start a craft but have no idea how to go about it or those who are new to the trade of crafting can find tools of all types here. Here you can get everything starting from tools to supplies and books. The staff, here, is quite warm. The added bonus is the establishment of Ministry of Craft where you can enrol for different classes as per your requirement.

Leon’s Fabrics:

Probably, one of the finest ways to describe Aladdin’s cave is the Leon’s. Right starting from their humble beginnings in the trading market, this eighty year old run family business is one of the best places, and they know almost everything about fabric. It is one of the best places to get started if you are looking for some great crafting adventures because they can advise you on all fabrics.


If you are not new to the Manchester city then there are close to nil chances that you are not aware about Abakhan. It is the destination for Mancunians’ problems related to sewing. Here, you can get access to almost everything which is related to sewing. The prices are competitive enabling access to one and all.

Above slated are some of the most popular sewing and knitting destinations in Manchester City.