Top 3 Finest Sports Bar In Manchester

Top 3 Finest Sports Bar In Manchester

Apart from all attractions, Manchester is famous for its sports teams, Man City and Manchester United. Now football fans are looking for a unique bar to gather the sports fans. No matter whatever your favorite sports, Manchester has all variety of bars for giving a chance to the sports fans to be entertained for every game, whether it may be football, rugby, tennis! Throughout the week, you will get to enjoy the sports in the excellent  sports bars in Manchester.


Located in Northern on Manchester, Manchester235 is an entertaining and visuallly appealing luxury sports bar. With the huge arrays of gaming tables, restaurants, dedicated poker lounge and stunning fabulous lounge bar,Manchester235 is one of the coolest, classic Manchester’s sports bar.


If you will get inside the student area of Oxford road, then you will reach at the footage. This excelent bar has two awesome screens to catch the live sports on a pool table and delicious food serving facilities which makes a perfect choice for lazy weekend or an ideal choice to unwind after the tight working schedule.

Footage bar is actually known as the scream bar and even this sports bar offers yellow card discounts on competetive food and drink menus. This bar has a wide collection of classic cocktails such as long Island Ice Tea which is served by the glass in order to share along with your partners


The Alibi situated along the Oxford Road is one of the most popular bars throughout the city. Alibi, a city bar with a contemporary feel attracts those work

drinkers who need a break after the exhausting shops in Manchester and friends out for a drink.

With sufficient space available in the main bar, you can book one of the areas for a personalized night. If you are looking for something a little classier in the evening, the sports bar has the VIP mezzanine. However, the bar is fully stocked and the staffs are courteous and knowledgeable.They offer solid food menu that you can easily expect in a city bar, in simple words, it’s  the best  place to watch live sport, with the big acreens atmsphere. So, whether you want to have a drink with friends on special event, then no doubt you won’t nothing wrong with The Alibi. Come and visit these well-equipped bars and enjoy the live sports with your friends delightfully.

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