Top 3 Best Gay Bars in Manchester

Top 3 Best Gay Bars in Manchester

Manchester is a heavenly paradise for energizing pubs, bars and restaurants which are not only best in their businesses; but also you will get more fun and excitement than a night out in the Gay Village along with the pink party people. But it’s just not in Canal Street; there are plentiful number of gay bars in Manchester doing well. So, whether you are a gay, straight or somewhere in between, make a beeline in these gay bars in manchester and get to enjoy a whole heap of fun and excitement.

The Molly House

With the fantastic selection ofwines, spirits, teas, coffees and ales plus a menu offering Argentinian and Spanish tapas, this destination is the best destination for Village people.
The eighteenth century old equivalent gay bar, Molly House is a place where previously men met others like themselves wthout any fear of prosecution and public hanging. But currently, the one and only tension is to find a space at the bar.

However, the décor of this bar is a perfect mix of bordello, vinatge style and tea room; while the music covers world, pop, indie and the music hall and is best kept in a certain volume level which will allow you to carry on your conversation without shouting.

Moreover, it’s not a big venue but it’s a bar of two floors with wooden tables, adequate bar space and kitchen on the ground floor area, rug, fireplace and a spectacular portrait of Molly herself in the upstair of the bar.


Being the well-loved nightclubs, G-A-Y boasts as the top position within city’s gay bars both geographically and its location in the centre of Canal Street and in reputation, it’s one of the most popular bars throughout the Unite Kingdom. But it’s necessarily the best; but it’s certainly the king of the roost by offering a perfect enjoyment of a sturdy stream of trade throughout the week.


one of the classier choices of the Village, TriBeca is the best option for gay bars with finest décor, drinks and quality foods. Even, don’t miss the full size beds in the downstairs. As there are wide arrays of options available, TriBeca is the right mix of Vllage without any feeling like a typical gay bar by providing cool aesthetic of its many jazz lounges and late night drinking bars.

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