Top 3 American Restaurants in Manchester

Top 3 American Restaurants in Manchester

Still want typical American food in Manchester? Searching for a Manchester restaurant that promises to offer fantastic American food? If so, why not check out the following names. Well, the options are many, but this small blog focuses only on the best dining spots. If you are a real American food lover, you cannot stop yourself from spending an evening here.

Bryon Burger:

When you are searching for the best place to pamper your taste buds with typical American burger then there is no better spot than Bryon Burger. Located right in the heart of Manchester, down Deansgate. The restaurant vibe is so amazing that you will virtually be taken to an American diner. The vibe is awesome.

Old Orleans:

Apart from its amazing food, Old Orleans has become a regular spot just because of its location. No matter where you are travelling in Manchester, you will easily reach out Old Orleans and pacify your pangs of hunger. Whether you are coming in a group or just a couple looking for some private, yet great food, Old Orleans should be the spot for you.

The Hard Rock Café:

The Hard Rock Café is the largest not only in Manchester, but also in the United Kingdom. Step in the café, the café will definitely rock your senses. Commonly described as “The Official Food of Rock, you will have an outstanding assortment of rock memorabilia and generous drinks”. The Hard Rock Café is nestled in the heart of the city.

Budget Friendly Hotels to the Five Star Hotels and Clubs:

There is a range of Manchester City hotels right from the budget chains to the five star ones offering great comfort, quality services and a luxurious feel. Manchester City nightlife is next to none. From the huge clubs like Hacienda to the intimate venues in Manchester like the Night and Day Cafe, you can see young bands on their way to performing always. Meant for couture clubbing, Bijou is one such club that attracts the well-heeled and well-dressed crowd of celebrities along with the wannabes who are always keen to hang out in the VIP rooms, cigar terrace, and decadent surroundings with the glass of best quality champagne in hand. Those who crave to escape the young drunken revelers may choose Cuba Cafe. Enjoy soul, funk, pop, disco, roll, jazz, country with Manchester tours and get to the dance floor.

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