Three Worth Visiting Beach Towns Nearer to Manchester

Three Worth Visiting Beach Towns Nearer to Manchester

Manchester is a metropolitan city in North West England but that does not prevent it from being far off from a wonderful beach meant to refresh, relax and bath in sun and have some fun. The British climate condition isn’t that boring and even towards the north side of England and even the area stretching up towards Scotland you can still find some scenic beaches to walk beside, so get ready to find some of the coastal beach towns lying nearer to Manchester city where you can have everything from sun bath to scuba diving.

Using the below given guide on nearest beach towns Manchester, you can feel confident of reaching to more than one beaches that would be good for your body and mine. Find out if any of the beaches can be a good stop over. So, go beyond the Manchester city and land directly into the fine beach towns standing along the British coastline.

It’s time to discover other interesting beach areas that might be farther than being nearer to Manchester; you can choose one of them to plan an outing towards the east coast and get pleasure from the stunning sea sides present there and find out new and thrilling spots to travel around.

What can be beach area of your choice nearer to Manchester?

One of the beach areas nearer to Manchester which is located not more than 45 minutes drive away is the most attractive Brighton-le-sands. It is known as a small but great coastal town having more luxurious and spacious room for everyone to swim, surf, walk and  as well as get entertained with a great escape from the crowded city life and soak up in the sun.

If you consider taking a short trip to the east coast region of the England, then the seaside town nearer to Manchester is Tunstall Beach, an exquisite small stretch of sand that can be traveled across from any nearby rural areas to get a tranquil and relaxing seaside atmosphere. It is a shingle beach situated amongst low rocky sea cliffs and visited mostly by young families and couples. The campsites are always available near-by so that you can spend night in a tent or get accommodated in a motorhome/caravan to spend the night close to the ocean.

And the third beach nearer to Manchester is the one lying towards the northern border of Scotland, Morecambe – South Beach. It has every facility you could get from a luxury beach resort. Being a coastal town the beach is surrounded by all the important shops and beachside resorts so that you won’t have to search extensively for places to travel around as you can reach to them all by just strolling around.

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