The Most famous Art Galleries of Your Interest in Manchester

The Most famous Art Galleries of Your Interest in Manchester

The Manchester city inherits an interesting history, shows a great treasure of museums and outstanding artistic architecture. Top historical exhibitions take place around the city with well balanced activities of modern commissions and creative diligence. Being a point of interest for artists in the earlier and present time, it assures to have some of the most popular art galleries that would give a feel of both new and classic beauty.

Manchester city is valued the most by artists and cultural experts. It is the place where the largest of UK exhibitions was held in 1857, known better as the Art Treasures of Great Britain. Many top class artists have dwelt here and engaged in work including the great sculptor John Cassidy from Ireland, the French imitator painter Adolphe Valette and the Stretford-native painter L. S. Lowry. The city is also held in high esteem for its flourishing theatre and dance panorama including spots such as The Manchester Opera House and the Royal Exchange. The International Festival in Manchester is another remarkable event, taking a lead in presenting arts in a fusion form and inspiring visitors with perfect mix of music, performance and art. With such an interesting art history, the following art galleries encourage all of its visitors to enjoy in the city’s inclination to the arts.

Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery is a nationalized art gallery situated in Mosley Street. It is the oldest galleries in Manchester, now occupying two more buildings along with the original one designed by Sir and housing the Royal Manchester Institution with Grade I status. This popular art gallery displays the city art collection including works of international and local impact and by individual artists in local area such as imitator painter Wynford Dewhurst. It delivers a mixed combination of fine, historic, contemporary and decorative art, photography and costume exhibitions, and welcome notes from curators, artists and members of the local art group.

Whitworth Art Gallery

Whitworth Art Gallery has been associated with the Manchester University since 1889 and adored a lot for its unique collection of historical and contemporary art crafts. It features modern sculpture and art pieces, including the ones done by Epworth, Epstein, Picasso, and van Gogh. Whitworth art gallery in Manchester serves as a contemporary source for art lovers by collecting wonderful works of budding as well as internationally acclaimed artists, It takes pride in advocating British contemporary art and bringing its collection online.

Artzu Gallery

The Artzu Gallery is located at the center of Spinningfields and can be found representing both new and seasoned artists in every sphere of art starting from photography and sculpture to painting. It is considered to be the most advanced and independent gallery in Manchester’s financial city serving around a decade and inspiring local talents and supporting international projects of artist’s interest.

Castlefield Gallery

Castlefield Gallery (CG) is recognised as one of Northern England’s actively performing art organizations. It was actually developed by a group of creative artists in 1984 but later emerged to become a limited company and charity meant for supporting talented modern artists and their practice and projects. Being sponsored by Arts Council England for the Arts (2012-14) and an artistic partner of Manchester City Council, CG has continued to support artists at every crucial stage of their careers.

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