The Best of Summer Events 2015 in Manchester City

The Best of Summer Events 2015 in Manchester City

You can expect to have lots of fun in Manchester city this summer. This metropolitan city is looking to entertain you with a wide range of concerts, festivals, celebrations, fairs, seasonal displays, bits and bobs and amazing events at galleries, museums and theatres. And you can take pleasure in all these things by getting equipped with all the quick details you need for making your Manchester trip fun and entertaining this summer. We have brought together the best of Manchester summer events for your contemplation. So, don’t lose out on them.

The Jazz

It is a festival of international repute that is celebrated for nine long days in the month of July every year. With a fresh collection of modern musicians and artists, the Jazz festival delivers you the highest level of entertainment. You can visit this popular British cultural event where many new and seasoned jazz performers come to entertain you with uniquely and fresh composed music every year. Be sure of the magical effect of these musicians and singers which will make you forget everything. Don’t miss a chance to participate in Jazz festival from 31st July to 9 Aug 2015.

RHS Flower Show in Tatton Park

Not only you will get to visit Tatton Park – one of the major attractions nearby Knutsford in the Manchester area, but also will get access to the spectacular RHS flower show organized here every year, bringing you the best glimpse of the plant plaza, and the floral marquee, the floral design studio, the arts and heritage pavilion, and more. From 22-26th July 2015, this celebration will continue to help you feel enriched with gardening ideas and horticulture tips. So, plan ahead to visit the Tatton parkland because its where gardeners, designers, landscape architects, and people who love to grow flowers and plants gather to delight in all the stuff that are purely horticultural.

24:7 Theatre Festival with Innovative and Amusing Scripts

With an inspiration to showcase the new writing talent at the Edinburgh Fringe, the inventor of the 24:7 Theatre Festival, David Slack has worked for more than a decade to get this innovative drama event to the recognition it is enjoying today. A wonderful nurturing ground for actors with comic, thrilling and dramatic performance, 24:7 assures to back new directors, producers and writers whilst keeping audiences surprised, amused and entertained. The 24:7 Theatre Festival will take place from 24th to 26th July in Manchester this year. So, checkout it to experience the best in drama and theatre world.

International Festival

It is one of the most special cultural events bringing 18 days of artistic shows including dance, film, music, photography and theatrical performance for keeping your family entertained. Led by an enthusiastic team of artists, MIF strives to present fresh works and authentic pieces from the broad spectrum of visual arts, performing arts and even pop culture. It’s more like the select and mix of great entertainment with live shows ranging from short dance performances to hour long musical concert. Additionally, it has kid-friendly setting so that your young ones can be taken into a bustling festival zone for a deep cultural feel anywhere in between 2nd to 19th July 2015. So, consider to celebrate with group of art lovers this summer in MIF.

Picnic – An Annual Outing with Food, Games and Music

The Manchester Picnic is a fun and entertaining event organised to feed families and young people alike for three days in Piccadilly Gardens. It is a typical family food festival where a true smörgåsbord of delights stands to greet your family and friends with enchanting aromas and exotic flavours. A wide variety of street food traders provide the unequaled treats alongside entertainment available for all of your family members through fun games, live music, storytelling and an excluvie teddy bears picnic party  arranged for the toddlers. So, get ready to explore the wide range of food starting from veggies and meat BBQs to Italian pizzas, Japanese sushi and the most wonderful ice creams in Manchester picnic party 2015.

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