Manchester’s Gay Village – A Must Visit

Manchester’s Gay Village – A Must Visit

Manchester is one city which needs no introduction. City bustling with life, it has everything that you need for a fun-filled and memorable experience. Gay Village is a must visit as celebrations here will enhance your experience to new levels. Situated around and along Canal Street, South of Chinatown, this village is a living symbol of history and hub for partying – which makes Manchester one of the world’s gay-friendly city. Gay life, here, is simply amazing with the right blend of green spaces, bars, restaurants and clubs making it just the right destination for dining and alfresco drinking. The village full of life welcomes LGBT community with several venues catering to all kinds of preferences. Here, you can get to enjoy entertainment every night.

Wednesday nights are popularly known as “Butterflies”. These nights are simply most preferred by trans community, with Taurus, New York New York and Napoleon’s, each of them having a reliable repertoire of regulars.

For those who have craving for delicious food, Richmond Tea Rooms located on Richmond Street is a conventional styled tea room serving to guests Afternoon Teas along with scrumptious teas, cakes and other specialities. Elegant and classic decor further adds to your experience. It has emerged as one of the most popular attractions of the village.

Located on Richmond Street is Molly House, yet another rustically styles and intimate pub. Its vintage decor sets it apart from several other pubs. Here you can enjoy carefully chosen wines and ales and home cooked cakes and tapas. The range of music is equally great just like the drinks served. Music beats, however, are kept low so that guests can chat without shouting.

Both Eden and Villagio are the places where you can enjoy dining. It is situated on Canal Street close to basement restaurant, Velvet. It is highly popular for evening and lunch dinner. The eclectic menu served leaves your taste buds asking for more. It also has a boutique hotel, and bar which is located upstairs.

Located right next is Taurus, one of the most preferred and upscale bars in the Gay Village. It is considered as the heart of Canal Street. It’s dining and drinking ambience along with the great appreciation of arts means you can have great time here.

So, if you are in Manchester then do visit this village to have an experience which you might not forget for many years to come. Get going and gear up for unlimited fun.

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