Hard Rock Cafe Manchester

Hard Rock Cafe Manchester

If you are looking for the all American experience, then you just need to head down to the Hard Rock Cafe, as you know Manchester is famous for truly delicious food, drink and live entertainment facilities. Here, you won’t be disappointed with our incredible selection.

Founded in September 2000, the Hard Rock Cafe has been friendly welcoming the locals and tourists for the time span of 15 years, and has become an excellent venue in Manchester.  In fact, do you know it’s the second largest Hard Rock Cafe throughout the UK with the room for 400 guests?

You just begin your visit from one of their wonderful signature cocktails, then choose from the authentic American menu – from the delicious burger, to tasty salads, entrees and sandwiches – right through to the Cheesecake which are made with Oreo cookies. All are freshly made in house.
Obviously, it goes without saying that the levels of service enjoyed at the Hard Rock Cafe are just second to none than the truly American. Much more than just a restaurant and bar – the Hard Rock Cafe has the spectacular selection of Rock memorabilia like the pieces which is once owned by Elton John, Roger Taylor, Ray Charles, the Beatles and David Bowie – to name a few. Feel free to wander through the decades of musical history.

If you are looking for something unique to host a corporate event, party, function or social gathering, no matter whatever the budget, whatever the size; the Hard Rock’s sales and events team can help you throughout.  The mezzanine will enable you to be apart from the incredible crowd but part of the atmosphere that are not big enough. Even,you want to take over the whole venu, then just need to speak with the the sales team about hiring it for your special event.

You will get a chance to enjoy live entertainment on a weekly basis, special events and offers and did you ever know that how they even make, and sell the authentic honey and have an allotment on the roof?  They even take their ecological responsibilities in a serious manner!  There’s always something going on throughout the year at the Hard Rock Cafe.

So don’t ever forget to stop by the Rock Shop before leaving to bring the perfect gift or the souvenir. However, choose from glassware, collectible pins, sweat and tee shirts, and if you’re lucky enough, then you can able to choose a jar of Hard Rock honey, which is even  a perfect reminder of a wonderful experience.