Check Out Your Food Heaven at Levenshulme Food and Drink Festival

Check Out Your Food Heaven at Levenshulme Food and Drink Festival

Enjoy finest food and hygeine health with local produce and international flavours at the third Levenshulme Food and Drink Festival.

There is a wide array of events taking place to attract the attentions of all ages and tastes; so whay not you taste the unique flavoursin the food festival, show off your perfect skills at the cookery master classes, jazz up at a Tea Dance during the afternoon and have mouthful a Levy Bevy.

Well, the festival begins at 12th June with Taste Africa, where you able to explore your grooves on to the Zimbabwean dance rhythms of Zee Guveya and The Heritage Survival Band while sticking to the gourmet African fusion buffet.

However, Levy Market with St John Ambulance, Manchester City Council and Friends of Cringle Park have now come to the cultural tapestry of Levenshulme together for having a helluva lunch on 14th June. The Global Picnic offers a chance to get to taste the sample food from around the world. As per your interests, you will bring your own signature dish to the table.

Moreover, the award winning attempt is also available at store as Sew Levenshulme reveals what could be the largest tablecloth throughout the world. On the other hand, mark the summer celebrations with fireworks, live music and beer bar at Levstock in 2015. Well, the Fadfest will draw your attention, enjoy eating at the arepas in the Columbian BBQ and relax yourself with a Pimm’s on the plot and bring the blanket for the one last Picnic in the Park on 21st June.

For detailed information regarding all the tasty treats in the store, down the festival brochure. Levenshulme Food and Drink Festival will be celebrated in between 12th June to 21st June in different venues. For more information regarding Levenshulme Food and Drink Festival, stay tuned!

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