Best Things To Do To Celebrate On Manchester Day

Best Things To Do To Celebrate On Manchester Day

Manchester Day will come to the City Centre on 14th June 2015 Sunday. On this day, you will witness the fantastic parade, amazing spectacles and tons of exiciting things to do at the City Centre. The annual celebration of this wonderful city will return on Sunday with lots of performances and plenty to eat and drink.

Well, we all know that Manchester is a spectacular city. With the splendid nightlife, top class art galleries, best theatres and culinary delights around every corner.

So here is our guide to what events you will celebrate on Manchester Day. Rest assured that, Manchester city Centre will offer you more than your expectation.

The Exceptional Parade

The parade will take about an hour of time to pass with over 2000 people, floats and organisations taking part. Mostly it will take place in Deansgate which offers the best chance to watch it; so the first thing you should do is to find a spot early and stick to it.

Time: Parade will start from 1pm and end at 2.30pm

Place: It will start at Liverpool Road and end at Exchange Square

City Squares

On the most amazing Manchester day, the main squares of the whole city will become entertainment venues where you can witness performances, bands, acrobats and obviously eat lovely food and drink.

Place: Great Northern Square, albert Square, St Annes’s Square, Exhange Square
Time: Before noon and 6pm

Food and drink

Apart from the parade and the entertainment activities at the city’s main squares, food and drinks have a major role on the big Manchester Day with the exclusive Street Food and pop up bars offering a feast for the plentiful taste buds to the celebrations.

Seems excited right? Join the celebrations of the Manchester Day with lots of entertaining activities.