Best Places to Take Your Lunch in Manchester

Best Places to Take Your Lunch in Manchester

Feeling hungry and looking for the best place in Manchester to have your lunch including bhunas and burgers to salads and sushi?

Forget searching extensively for a restaurant with delicious menu in lunch and satisfying your taste buds too.  Some of the best lunch spots in Manchester are available right here to provide you with tastier and affordable mid-day feast. From atypical street to best bargain curry houses and delightful cheap eats there are lots of options to appeal to you, so get for a bargain lunch treat in any one of the Manchester city’s popularly visited lunch houses.


A long queue for eatGoody’s Korean dupbap and bibimbap can be seen extending out of the door as customers of every age look for healthy meal from this Korean inspired café. eatGoody is very close to the Manchester University campus and allows everyone to eat or take out typical Korean lunch in bento style boxes. It is an economic canteen remaining open on all weekdays. You can order wonderful Korean lunch here for events like meeting, parties or any other special event. You will definitely get something worth eating out!

Pita Pit

Enjoy grilled and stuffed pitas with deli and other tasty fillings at this trendy Canadian fast-food outlet. Flabby scrambled eggs, coriander and green chilli falafel and grilled chicken by the professional cooks form the ideal base for healthy-fried veg and peppery sauce served in freshly prepared Mediterranean style inspired pita. Pita Pit is one of two popular food stores in outer London and a chilled feeling encompasses thanks to a surrounding of right furnishings and vertical garden.


Tampopo is an Asian blend restaurant bringing you a rich collection of rice dishes, sizzling stir-fries, steaming noodles, bespoke curries and salads including the best tasting peanutty Gado Gado. It allows you to taste authentic cuisines from Vietman, Phillipines, Thailand and many more East Asian regions. Enjoy fantastic gyoza and slowly steaming chicken Pho while going here for the best valued lunch menu. It will give you a feel of high-end canteen furnished beers, fabrics, flags and teas. Tampopo has another branch in the Trafford Centre to serve you quality lunch at fair rates.


This restaurant is perfect especially if you want to try more famous Japanese cuisine at low price. From agedashi tofu in spicy flavored broth to the most perfectly cooked gyoza and delicious sashimi with a combination of miso and sticky rice, you can have every interesting item in your lunch menu, And you will definitely like the art done your plate and the sake cellars provided along with it.