A Informative Guide For the Buckingham Palace

A Informative Guide For the Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the important residence of the London Royal Family since the Queen Victoria’s succession in 1837. Basically, this Royal Palace is built for the Duke of Buckingham, it was purchased by George III in 1762 and expanded later by the architect of George IV in 1825. On the eve of the special occasions, the supreme ruler will appear with the members of the Royal Family on the central balcony. If you are a visitor, then you can explore the sightseeing areas of the Palace from the sumptuous furnish rooms to the wonderful art pieces.

The State Rooms

In the summer of 1993, State Rooms of Buckingham Palace were opened for the first time to the public. Now, the State Rooms are the incredible part of the Buckingham Palace tourincluding the excellent pieces of the royal Collection, paintings (Van Dyck and Canaletto), sculptures 9Canova), rare procelain and finest furniture. Yur tour will cover the Thorne Room, the Music Room, the Spectacular dining sroom and the Picture Gallery.

The Queen’s Gallery

It’s a superb art gallery for the public occupying the west front of the Buckingham palatial areaand accommodating the numerous exhibtions up to 450 works at any scheduled time. Situated at the site of a former chapel, this gallery has restored and expanded. It’s a breathtaking place to witness some of the most important royal art collections.

Green Park

Green park is located at the garden of Buckingham Palace and was even the favorite retreat of Charles II. Currently, Green Park is the smallest Britain’s Royal Park which is separated from the palace by the roadway by offering the spectacular views of the royal residence.

The Victoria Monument

The Victoria Monument is located in front of the Buckingham Palace which is the largest memorial of the Queen Victoria. This Monument portrays the allegorical figures like victory, endurance, truth, courage, science, art, architecture and justice of the former queen. Even, it offers one of the most popular photo opportunities throughout London.

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