6 Specialty & Gift Shops in Manchester

6 Specialty & Gift Shops in Manchester

Empire Emporium, Manchester:

Shopping is fun when you find your favourite things without toiling very hard. Empire Emporium, Manchester offers incredible shopping experience for people who want to buy recording stuff including CDs. This is a brilliant shop in Manchester for CDs and vinyl.


Nevisport is the one stop shop for all your clothing, skiing, camping, climbing and walking requirements. The retail shop is located 188-192 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3 ND.

The Triangle:

The Trainable is all about shopping and travelling. If your wife is a shopaholic and you are not, the Trainable is the best place. It will satisfy your wife’s shopping needs and offer you ample fun things, obviously that do not include buying stuff. In addition, this is also an amazing spot for crowd lovers and peace seekers. You will have a plenty of quiet area to relax.

Lloyd Davies:

Start your day with a delightful breakfast before heading to explore Manchester. Take a whole day tour of the city and as the evening approaches visit Lloyd Davies. The site showcases several upmarket stores. Located in the centre of the site, the stores are selling off various stuff at the best prices. Make a stop at the upmarket bar, enjoy the evening with a drink or two after shopping and if you like you can dine at the restaurant. Check out the menu if this Manchester restaurant is serving your favourite food.

Castlefield Artisan Market:

Indoor market? Yes, Castlefield Artisan Market is a cool, off the street market. This is a perfect spot to shop and eat in Manchester.

Punk ‘n’ Disorderly:

Punk n Disorderly is for them who want a comfortable and laid back shopping experience. Your eyes will get stuck at Punk n Disorderly when you visit the area. This is a high street shop offering beautiful clothes.

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