5 Things to Do in Manchester

5 Things to Do in Manchester

If you are a first timer in Manchester, the following handy tips will help you explore the city to the fullest.


Manchester has a plethora of attractions in its kitty. The top Manchester attractions include Manchester’s Cathedral, People’s History Museum, John Rylands Library and the likes. To explore Manchester, star your tour right from Deansgate. This is a main road in the city that links to numerous popular attractions. John Rylands Library is a spectacular attraction in Manchester.


Yes, it is an important aspect to think about before travelling to Manchester. The vibrant city houses a good number of accommodations known for luxury and extravaganza. One of the top notch places to stay is Velvet Hotel. It is a boutique hotel in Manchester offering all comforts and luxuries. If you want to feel special, choose only five-star hotels in Manchester.


Would you get fascinated by Italian cuisines or authentic French cuisines? Or you just want to try Traditional British foods? No matter what it is, Manchester is filled with some of the finest restaurants in the world. The Manchester restaurants are known for serving world class dishes. Annies Restaurant is one of the finest places to eat in the city.


Bars in Manchester can be spotted at every single street corner. Bakerir is a fine place to try your favourite wine. The European style bar also offers great snacks. Black Dog Ballroom in Northern Quarter is a great spot for late night drink with friends.


Are you a shopping freak? If so, you have come to the best destination. Manchester is flourished with hundreds of trendy shops, branded stores and many boutique shops. Whether you want to buy for your kids or for yourself, there is something waiting to be discovered and bought.

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